Happy New Year!

This week the class have started the new topic of the polar regions. We have been particularly interested in Shackleton’s expedition to the Antarctic. Following on from that, we are making oil pastel paintings of the Northern Lights. On Mondays we now do Scratch programming site making our own games. We have been preparing a biography on Shackleton’s life. Our current maths topic is measure.



Monday 11,12,17:

The class did co-ordinates in maths and in the afternoon Mrs Turner took over and we made spinner to investigate  air resistance.

Tuesday 12,12,17:

The class started doing persuasive writing.In the afternoon we tested out friction using our shoes.

Wednesday 13,12,17:

We went on mini bus to watch preschool’s Nativity,which was excellent.

Thursday 14,12,17:

The class did persuasive writing about sprouts to try and make them look tasty.

Friday 15,12,17:

The class did a Christmas newspaper and it was Christmas jumper day.

from Aaron and Frazer

Class Four Blog by Lewis and Victor

This week has been an outstanding week for all the students of class four. They have hacked through a number of difficult tests including; Maths, English and reading. Showing resilience and determination to tackle them. At 2:30pm on Tuesday we had parents in to marvel at our museum. In our museum we had items ranging from old tools, bottles and jewelery to dinosaur fossils from millions of years ago. Mr Colin Wickham quoted, “I am very impressed with the turnout and how much the children knew about the objects.” We were all impressed with the outcome of our museum and we would like to do it again. On Wednesday and Thursday Miss Hill decided for us to write a newspaper report on our class museum. Today they are published and written up in bestJpeg


A day at school by Leo

On Monday we watched a show led by Greg Chapman.It was all about the Ancient Greeks and their lives.First,he showed us a rope trick,where he joined ropes together without the audience knowing.Next,he needed some volunteers to come and play parts in a Greek story(the siege of Troy)and it amused us.Then he talked about how the Greek armies from different city states teamed up to make one big army and how they trained.After that we needed even more volunteers. Eesa,Oliver,Rory played guards;Frazer played Paris and Freya played Helen-the wife of the king-played by Aaron.Greg played a Spartan warrior alongside Edward ,who was Achilles (the Spartans had very tough lives).It was very funny!!The last thing he did was answer questions and juggle,not 1,not 2,but 3 bladed knives!! After the show he came in our class and showed us his armour. What an awesome show!

week 4

The week ended on a high with the class producing a newspaper. Everyone contributed and news stories ranged¬† from the Queens wedding anniversary to a restaurant review for K.F.C. Copies will be available on Monday . Earlier in the week we started a Forces topic in Science and began an investigation to compare the stretch¬† of a Newtonmeter , spring and elastic band. In History,after looking at reproduction artefacts, the class wrote a ‘A day in the life of an Ancient Greek child’.The papier mache pots are nearly done-Hooray!

Week 3

Class 4 have worked hard this week and made good progress.Well done to those who achieved their Bronze times tables award and lots of improvement in the Big Maths.I was very impressed by the scientific thinking during the Science investigation ‘Which paper towel is best’.Out of the brands tested Plenty performed the ‘best’ for absorbency and strength.I’m looking forward to reading the final versions of the Mythical creature reports over the weekend.

Autumn 2 week 2

Rowling class have been working hard this week and I have included pictures of the learning walls.We are working towards a non-chronological report on a mythical creature so have discussed what is meant by formal and informal language.The children researched ‘What the Ancient Greeks did for us;in Science explained how we get day and night and the seasons.In our Remembrance assembly we thought about the symbolism of the poppy and listened to children who had relatives who had served in the wars.Please take note of the new dropping off arrangements starting Monday.