A day at school by Leo

On Monday we watched a show led by Greg Chapman.It was all about the Ancient Greeks and their lives.First,he showed us a rope trick,where he joined ropes together without the audience knowing.Next,he needed some volunteers to come and play parts in a Greek story(the siege of Troy)and it amused us.Then he talked about how the Greek armies from different city states teamed up to make one big army and how they trained.After that we needed even more volunteers. Eesa,Oliver,Rory played guards;Frazer played Paris and Freya played Helen-the wife of the king-played by Aaron.Greg played a Spartan warrior alongside Edward ,who was Achilles (the Spartans had very tough lives).It was very funny!!The last thing he did was answer questions and juggle,not 1,not 2,but 3 bladed knives!! After the show he came in our class and showed us his armour. What an awesome show!


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